Teaching material

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The aim of Ma Petite Ecole is one of a school, not a club. But as our children already attend school 5 days a week, we tend to try and make the studying as fun as possible for the children. We are very keen on making sure the children are happy to attend the classes and learn a lot during classes among their friends.

For the younger children, we are therefore using a teaching method used widely in France, Belgium and Switzerland using characters and stories that the children enjoy very much.

Once the children can read properly in French, they move on to starting to learn about grammar rules, spelling and conjugation from Year 3. We have a 100% success rate with all of our students sitting any of the 4 levels of the DELF exams up to the DELF B2. 

Small groups of different levels

When our youngest children (nursery and reception level) understand French perfectly, but find it difficult to reply in French (for example: children who speak three languages), they attend a class where they will be encouraged to speak through games and activities, while learning to read and write in French.

A successful preparation for a transfer to a French, bilingual or international school

As we follow the French Curriculum, the children can move to a French school if they want to do so at any stage of their education. This can happen when the family moves back to a French speaking country. Also, some of the children attending Ma Petite Ecole and staying in the UK are able to transfer to a bilingual or international school thanks to the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in French that they acquired at Ma Petite Ecole. 


We use a set of books for each group. The parents have to provide their children with their books at the beginning of the academic year.